Antonello Taurino “Trovata una sega!”


Sat. July 26th, Teatro alla Misericordia, 18.00

actor and director Antonello Taurino
lighting designer Orazio Attanasio
co-production Negrimusic

length 75’

Everyone in Livorno knows about the legend: apparently in 1909 Modigliani threw some of his sculptures in the port ditch. In 1984 the City authorities of Livorno, attempted a reckless retrieval operation to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the artist’s birth. And here it is the lucky dip: three heads sculpted in stone were found in the city ditch. TV correspondents from all over the world arrived in Livorno and the major art critics had no doubt stating: “They are real masterpieces, they are Modigliani’s!”. One month later it turned out they were not quite Modigliani’s…

Antonello Taurino was born in 1980. He is actor, comedian and author. In 2008 he graduated at “SAT” master degree at GITIS in Moscow under Juri Alschitz ’s direction. He performed in Zelig, the Italian most popular TV comedy show since 2003, while touring in Italy and abroad with his performance Comedian. He wrote, performed and directed several works such as: Il Diavolo by F. Dostoevskij (2009 Calanchi Award); Miles Gloriosus (Best Director Award at 2011 Calandra Festival) whose script was also published in a book introduced by Franca Rame.