“I ask these different generations:
how can we bring Theatre among men?”

Leo De Berardinis, 1995,
Introduction to the program of the twenty-fifth “Santarcangelo Dei Teatri” Festival

“Or the whole town feels that the festival is something of its own, or it’s better to stop it”
A technician, 2005

During the third Kilowatt Festival, we sold a few tickets in four days of performances, although many different shows were programmed. One night, while taking off platforms and lights, one of the technicians said it was better to stop, unless we found a way to make the town feel that the festival was “something of its own”. Kilowatt, as it is now, was born from this observation. The creators of the festival liked it, but it was not enough: it had to become “something” for the public, the town and the territory. We took literally this goal inviting people from Sansepolcro area to work with us, putting in their hands the most delicate and precious process of a festival: the choice of the shows. The assumption was (and it is) crazy, and so it was (and it is) exposed to failure. But it sparked a new energy around Kilowatt, an energy which already was in the name chosen for the festival, only that it was unexpressed before then,. Thus the Visionaries were born, a growing number of “laymen” viewers: the cashier at the supermarket, the professor, the hairdresser, the pensioner, the student… They spend their winter evenings watching, comparing and discussing videos of the most innovative emerging companies- arriving by the annual announcement from Kilowatt- until they choose the best shows to be invited to the festival in a section called “Visionaries Selection”.

Since then Kilowatt has become much more: it is a center of productions and production supports, a residence of creation, a place open to experimental music, contemporary literature and visual arts. But the “Visionaries” are and will remain our “identity trademark” forever. And we like it that way! We believe that live shows are like an open and democratic assembly which concerns the essence of every citizen. Aesthetics is useful to achieve the purpose, but it is not the very purpose. A festival, as well as the vision of a single show, are not interludes between a commitment to another of our lives: they are part of our lives.

Kilowatt is a festival dedicated to the new companies of the contemporary scene (theatre, dance, music, literature, performing and visual arts); it takes place in Sansepolcro (Tuscany) during the summer. The festival was conceived in 2003 and since then it has been promoted and implemented by the company CapoTrave. The “Visionaries Selection” was created in 2007.
From 2008 Kilowatt Festival has supported theatre, dance and performing arts productions. Since 2009 the festival has opened a contemporary music section, and the year after a visual arts section.

In 2010 Kilowatt won the Ubu Prize, the most important prize of the Italian theatre.
In 2013 Kilowatt won the Nico Garrone Prize.

From December 2014 to November 2018, in partnership with the Municipality of Sansepolcro, Kilowatt is the project leader of a Culture Cooperation European Project – Category 2 – Larger scale cooperation projects. The name of the project is “Be SpectACTive!” and it involves 11 partners, about the topic of active spectatorship. The project has been renewed in July 2018 for more 4 years with CapoTrave/Kilowatt as project leader and the partnership with 18 institutions in 15 different european countries.

Visit our partner, their website.

In 2017 CReSCo, the organization of which Kilowatt is one of the main promoters, won the UBU Premium in the Special Projects season.

From 2018, it is recognized by Tuscany Region and Italian Ministry for Culture as the “Regional Center for Creative Residencies” (in partnership with Armunia).

In 2021 Centro di Residenza della Toscana and its partners finalists in the Critical Network Award with the Digital Residence project.
In 2021 Kilowatt Festival won the Critics’ Prize awarded by the National Association of Theater Critics ANCT.
In 2021 Lucia Franchi and Luca Ricci win the UBU Award for their best curatorial project (Kilowatt Festival).