Liz Santoro – Pierre Godard (FR)

Teatro / Theater
Mar 23 Luglio / Tue 23 July, Teatro alla Misericordia, 20:15



concept Liz Santoro, Pierre Godard
in collaboration with Cynthia Koppe
with Liz Santoro
Medium Cynthia Koppe
Space Mélanie Rattier
music Greg Beller
light design Laïs Foulc
costumes David Anselme
technical direction Titouan Lechevalier
Administration and production Claire Guièze and Margaux Roy

national premiere

duration 50’

An exploration about the relationship between representation and the public, and among bodies at a distance, drawing inspiration from quantum physics. Thanks to the use of the Vim modal editor, the dancer interacts with the words of a text projected at the bottom of the scene, written at a distance by the artist Cynthia Koppe. The result is an unexpected dialogue among words, movement and spectators’eyes.

Since 2011, Pierre Godard and Liz Santoro have collaborated in the creation of “choreographic machines”: the uniqueness of their paths have led them to develop writing systems centered on movement and text that offer to the spectator an unusual perceptive experience.

show presented with the support of






In collaboration with Francia in Scena, stagione artistica dell’Institut français Italia / Ambasciata di Francia in Italia.

bilingual show Italian and English

admission ticket € 9,00 (€ 6,00 with the Kilowatt Card 2019-20)