pupilunari / Giovanna d’Arco – La rivolta

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Visionari’s Selection / Theatre
Wed July 19th, Auditorium Santa Chiara, 23: 15

pupilunari “Giovanna d’Arco – La rivolta”

by Carolyn Gage
translated by Edy Quaggio
with Valentina Valsania
directed by Luchino Giordana e / and Ester Tatangelo
assistant director Giulia Cosentino
music by Arturo Annecchino
light designer Diego Labonia
set designer Francesco Ghisu
costume designer Ilaria Capanna
video and editing Michele Bevilacqua
co-producer Hermit Crab

running time 70’

Winner of the Lambda Literary Award in Drama, “The second coming of Joan Of Arc” is the debut play by Carolyn Gage, playwright, performer, director and activist. The play relives the figure of Joan Of Arc, coming to us to tell about her infantry, her youth, her experience with the highest levels of Church, State and armies.

“Giovanna d’Arco – La Rivolta” is the first project of the Calabrian company pupilunari, founded in 2016 by Luchino Giordana (actor and director), Ester Tatangelo (director and playwright) and Valentina Valsania (actress and director). A common feeling encouraged the three artists to put together their individual artistic careers, to give birth to new theatrical projects based upon contemporary dramaturgy.

admission ticket € 9,00 (€ 6,00 with the Kilowatt Card 2017-18)