Playing Identities – Creole Performance Crew # Lituania/Sadurni Vergés (LT/ES) / (UN)TRAPPED – Identity or Death?


Sat July 16th and Mon July 18th, Museo Civico/Sala Sinopie, 19:30
world premiere

theatre maker Sadurní Vergés (ES)
performers Mantas Barvicius, Arnas Danusas, Aidas Jurgaitis, Iveta Raulynaitytė (LT)
mobilizer Barté Liagaité (LT)
artistic advisor Gintaras Varnas (LT)

length 35’

Do you know Lithuanian? Do you know Lithuanians? Are you familiar with their pride, their past and their ambitions? Throughout the performance you will be allowed to meet them, you will be able to observe them and to see the similarities and notice the differences between us and them. But, pay attention! The stage can suddenly turn into a mirror, and you could become the test subject of an experiment on identity: recognize yourself or die.

Sadurní Vergés is a Catalan director and dramatist, chosen from a group of students from the Music and Theatre Academy in Vilnius to find out a form of theatre which aims to confront the actuality regarding directly them. Staging “flash-mobs” and performances they have transformed the scene into a place of confrontation in order to discover their inner selves.

show in English
entrance ticket € 6,00 (€ 9,00 both Playing Identities shows of the day)