Madame Rebiné / Un eroe sul sofà


Sun July 17th, Piazza Torre di Berta, 22:05    

by and with Andrea Brunetto, Max Pederzoli, Alessio Pollutri
tutor Mario Gumina
costumes Titta Caggiati, Elisabetta Menziani
lighting designer Massimo Calvaresi, Sebastiano D’Agostino
images and scenography Biro
production Accademia Perduta / Romagna Teatri
with the collaboration of Association Hurlement (FR)

length 50’

There was a time when super Cosimo was the strongest man in the world. For many years he had experienced cosmic flights, heroic rescues and mad races through the stars. For many years this made him look invincible. Then, one day, he lost all his super powers. There was nothing he could do but lock himself up at home, waiting …

The Madame Rebiné troupe started in Turin in 2007, within the Flic circus school. In the following years, Andrea Brunetto, Max Pederzoli and Alessio Pollutri went their separate ways to Le Lido (Toulouse) and Balthazar (Montpellier). They got together again in 2011, after furthering their research, to create the circus comedy “Il paziente” (2011) and “La riscossa del clown” (2014).

free admission (€ 2,00 deckchair rental)