The poets guide us in this 2016 programme, which is the fullest we have ever planned with 9 days of festival, 61 repeat performances, 50 companies involved, 21 national premier and preview performances, many collateral initiatives and more than 150 artists on stage.
The poets guide us because the title of this edition was presented to us by a friend, the poetess Mariangela Gualtieri, who took it from another poetess, Amelia Rosselli (from the 1964 collection of “
Variazioni belliche”).
The poets guide us because the image we have chosen for this edition was suggested by another friend, the poet Daniele Piccini, and is from shots of the great photographer, a poet of images, Mario Giacomelli (from the 1961 cycle “
Un uomo, una donna, un amore”).
Words and images from the sixties, when faith and beauty accompanied our growing up.
The poets guide us because it is beautiful to be led by those who know the value of words put in an order to create sense and sound, because this sequence is the basis of saying and doing and therefore of our social being.
The poets guide us because if we want to rise up from the depths which we feel we have fallen into, we must leave the daily gossip to one side and pay attention to those who speak well, write well and think well.

Lucia Franchi and Luca Ricci