Guglielmo Ridolfo Gagliano Gandho (Negrita) + Lips’Aroma in concerto


Sun july 17th, Palazzo delle Laudi, ore 23:00

Lips’Aroma are Samuele Spallitta, Marcos Pintor, Axel Scarpulla, Stefano Gabriele Belforte

length 50′

Multi- instrumentalist, producer and arranger, Gandho worked both in the studio and live with many artists from the rock scene, independent and Italian contemporary pop, including Daniele Silvestri, Luciano Ligabue, Francesco Renga, Andrea Chimenti, Paolo Benvegnù, Luci della centrale elettrica, Emma Marrone. For four years he has been the keyboard player of Negrita.

entrance ticket € 6,00
6 concerts pass € 20,00