Giorgia Nardin “All dressed up with nowhere to go”


Wed. July 23rd, Teatro alla Misericordia, 22.00

by Giorgia Nardin
with Marco D’Agostin, Sara Leghissa
working in progress Amy Bell, Marco D’Agostin, Sara Leghissa, Giorgia Nardin
sound designer Luca Scapellato
lighting designer Matteo Fantoni
costumes Edda Binotto
winner of Premio Prospettiva Danza 2013
developed within ChoreoRoam Europe 2012 and within B Project 2013

length 40’

An empty frame, a male body, a female body and an ensemble of minor everyday actions sprang from reality and integrated in an ethereal context deprived from the diachronic flowing of time. To be dressed up without knowing where to go: destroying the linearity of time, the beginning and the end, the body’s chance to find memory in the gesture.

Giorgia Nardin is an independent choreographer and performer. She trained at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds (UK). Her first project as a maker was done in collaboration with artists Francesca Foscarini and Marco D’Agostin (Spic & Span). Her first solo, Dolly, was invited to the Italian Showcase as part of 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.