Finaz (Bandabardò) + Assenza in concerto


Mon july 18th, Palazzo delle Laudi , 23:15          

Assenza are Cristian Laurenzi, Luca Occhini, Antonio Lusi, Alessandro Fiorucci, Gabriele Giovenali

length 50’ –

Alessandro Finazzo, a.k.a. Finaz, founded the folk rock group Bandabardò with Enrico Greppi in 1993. He worked with Daniele Silvestri, David Sylvian, Franco Battiato, Goran Bregovic, Piero Pelù. In 2010 he won the Insound Prize as the best Italian acoustic guitarist. In 2012 his first solo disc “Guitar Solo” came out, followed by “GuitaRevolution” in 2015.

entrance ticket € 6,00
6 concerts pass € 20,00