European Project “Be SpectACTive!”

The four-year project Be SpectACTive! started on December 1st, 2014 and will go on until November 30th, 2018. Through Be SpectACTive! the Municipality of Sansepolcro and CapoTrave/Kilowatt association bring their “active spectatorship” experience – the main characteristic of Kilowatt festival – into Europe.

Besides Sansepolcro Municipality and CapoTrave/Kilowatt, the project, created by Luca Ricci and Giuliana Ciancio, was joined by 12 European Institutions, such as: the London International Festival of Theatre and York Theatre Royal (United Kingdom), Tanec Praha Festival (Czech Republic), Budapest Bakelit Multi Art Center (Ungheria), Sibiu International Theatre Festival (Romania), Perforacije Festival of Zagabria, Rijeka and Dubrovnik (Croazia), Turin Fondazione Fitzcarraldo, Paris CNRS (France) and two univesities whose departments deal with culture economy, the University of Barcelona (Spain) and of Montpellier (France). Among the many activities, the creation of 34 groups of “active spectators” – the Visionari – in eight different European cities (including Sansepolcro), the production of 21 new theater and dace projects, 54 creative residences, the staging of 153 different shows (108 of which will be chosen by the active spectators’ groups) and 5 International conferences on active spectatorship. The first was hold in Sansepolcro in the Summer of 2015, the second in April 2016 in Brussels, the third in November 2016 in Barcelona, the fourth in June 2017 in Sibiu, while the last one will be hosted in York in the spring of 2018. The whole project is being monitored through a scientific research on qualitative and quantitative effectiveness of the project based on the spectators’ active involvement.

Two shows produced by “Be SpectACTive!” will be presented in the 2017 festival edition, “Food for Thought” by the English company Displace Yourself Theatre and “The Olympic Games” by Chiara Bersani and Marco D’Agostin.

1st Be SpectACTive! International conference
European experiences about active involvement of the audience
Sansepolcro, 21 – 22 july 2015