Compagnia Dimitri – Canessa / Hallo! I’m Jacket! Il gioco del nulla

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Visionari’s Selection / Dance
Wed July 19th, Piazza Torre di Berta, 22:05

Compagnia Dimitri – Canessa “Hallo! I’m Jacket! Il gioco del nulla”

directed by Elisa Canessa
with Federico Dimitri and Francesco Manenti
artistic assistant Stefano Cenci and Giorgio Rossi
light designer Marco Oliani
co-producers Sosta Palmizi and MiBACT-Dipartimento dello Spettacolo, Regione Toscana-Settore Spettacolo and Armunia-Festival Inequilibrio.
finalist In-Box 2017

running time 60′

Emerging from the depth of a society that seems to give more and more credit to new trends, the show is meant to ironically flout today’s behaviors. Such as being more and more productive, seductive, unconventional, no matter what contents and knowledge are implied.

Elisa Canessa and Federico Dimitri, after working as interpreters, decided to start their own artistic research in 2013. Their work focuses on the body, a container either of gestures and of words, a communication tool ranging between shapes and languages.

free admission (€ 3,00 deckchair rental)