ATIR / Chiara Stoppa “Il ritratto della salute (una storia vera)”

Sunday July 22nd, 18:15 / Santa Chiara

by Mattia Fabris and Chiara Stoppa
with Chiara Stoppa
director Mattia Fabris

lenght 70’

The performance is about Chiara Stoppa’s true story. The famous Italian actress Franca Valeri told about her: «One day Chiara came to visit me and she started acting her Ritratto della salute: a dramatic personal experience, a monologue some way incredibly comic, able to transmit a sober and deep emotion». It is an occasion to deal with illness taboos.

ATIR company is a theatre association composed by fifteen members. Over the last sixteen years it has produced and promoted its works in Italy and Europe. Since the beginning Serena Sinigaglia has been the company’s artistic director. From 2007 ATIR has directed the Ringhiera Theatre of Milan located in the south suburbs of the city.