Un po' di più - Bernabéu-Covello-photo numero 1

Bernabéu / Covello

Physical theatre / Visionari Selection
Sabato / Saturday 25 luglio, 21:55, Chiostro San Francesco


Un po' di più - Bernabéu-Covello-photo numero 3

The daily life of a couple poised between tensions and desires

by and with Zoé Bernabéu, Lorenzo Covello
music Stefano Grasso
light design Paride Donatelli
co-production Muxarte/PinDoc

Two characters meet and start a mutual discovery, through a daily life made of bodies, gestures and words: a precarious table at the centre of the scene becomes the ground of their encounters and of their fight against the gravity.

Zoé Bernabéu comes from the dance world while Lorenzo Covello from theatre and circus. Un’ po’ di più is born thanks to their meeting; it is winner of the awards “Off Special”, “by Critics” and “Fringe Soul” at 2019 Roma Fringe Festival.

facebook: bernabeucovello

running time: 50’

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