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Theater / Visionari Selection
Sabato / Saturday 25 luglio, 21:00, Giardino Misericordia


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How can you get along with a teenager son?

directed and written by Marta Abate, Michelangelo Frola
with Simone Benelli, Francesco Fontana, Giulia Mattola
co-production Gli Scarti

The difficulties to grow up a teenager son, among brief instants of complicity, moments of dialogue and occasions when to communicate seems to be impossible. The relationship between two parents living a crisis and a son who is changing.

ScenaMadre was born in 2013 in Chiavari (Sp) from an idea of Michelangelo Frola and Marta Abate. The company works on theatre and educational research, engaging non professional performers. They won the Scenario Infanzia Award in 2014.

running time: 50’