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“TROIA CITY, la verità sul caso Aléxandros”
Teatro in Fabula / Lino Musella

Theater / Visionari Selection
Sabato / Saturday 25 luglio, 17:50 and 20.00, Teatro Misericordia


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An ancient Greek myth becomes a thriller

written and performed by Antonio Piccolo
and with Marco Vidino (cordofoni e percussioni / chordophones and percussions)
directed by Lino Musella
scenic elements Paola Castrignanò
assistant director Melissa Di Genova
languages advice Lidia Di Giuseppe (ancient Greek), Antonio Gryllos (modern Greek)
shooting Francesco Afro De Falco
co-production Quartieri dell’Arte / Galleria Toledo

An investigator tries to put together the pieces of Aléxandros, Euripides’ lost tragedy. The past comes back to life through his investigation: he meets a voice that sings in Greek, a mountain of soldiers and the notes of various instruments played live.

Teatro In Fabula is an artistic collective founded in Naples in 2010; its productions are characterized by being deeply inclusive and by the contamination of languages. Lino Musella is actor and stage director, winner of the 2019 Ubu Award as Best Actor.

running time: 60’

Show at 17.50 (sold-out)

Show at 20.00 (sold-out)