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Collettivo Superstite

Theater / Visionari Selection
Venerdì / Friday 24 luglio, 22:10, Giardino San Francesco


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The immobility of the present, in a continuous cycle

directed and performed by Riccardo Reina
and with Giulio Bellotto, Annalisa Esposito
with the support of Teatro Gioco Vita, Teatro delle Briciole, Teatro del Drago, Regione Emilia Romagna

Two human figures confined by invisible walls are waiting for an occurrence. We don’t know since when: the dust is falling, inexorable, and affects their lives. A play of images, without words, about the vanity of the existence.

Collettivo Superstite came to life from the first edition of Animateria, the specialization course on the Theatre of Figure developed by Teatro Gioco Vita, Teatro delle Briciole and Teatro del Drago; Polvere is their first production.

duration 25’

non-verbal show