30 anni_1 Stefano Vaja

“TRENT’ANNI DI GRANO – Autobiografia di un campo”
Teatro delle Ariette

Venerdì / Friday 24 luglio, 19:00, Chiostro Laudi
Sabato / Saturday 25 luglio, 19:00, Chiostro Laudi


30 anni_3 Stefano Vaja

A three months diary, thirty years of life and a meal shared with the spectators

created and performed by Paola Berselli, Stefano Pasquini
and with Maurizio Ferraresi
directed by Stefano Pasquini
set design Teatro delle Ariette
executive secretarial Irene Bartolini
press agent and communication Raffaella Ilari
co-production Fondazione Sassi Matera

A daily life diary written during the 2019 summer, to narrate through the wheat our present, with its intolerances, not only alimentary. Thirty spectators sit around a big table: tigelle are cooked and eaten together.

Teatro delle Ariette is the company of actors-peasants, of the theatre to eat, of the autobiography. They live at Ariette, in Valsamoggia. Since 1989 they have been cultivating wheat for making bread.


running time: 90’

Show of the 24th July

Show of the 25th July