Bambula Project

Dance / Visionari Selection
Giovedì / Thursday 23 luglio, 21:45, Chiostro San Francesco



A gaze at Est, where the sun is born

choreography and performance Paolo Rosini
and with Chiara Tosti
music Michele Mandrelli
co-production BAMBULAproject, Balletto Civile, Rosa Shocking/Festival TenDance
with the support of Centro di Residenza della Toscana (Armunia – CapoTrave/Kilowatt), Home Centro Coreografico e CURA#residenze interregionali

The latin word “oriri” means to rise. The topic of the show is the birth. To be born is to take part, it is the moment that defines the participation of the individual to the existence: a continuous process which shapes new forms of the human, through perceptions and experiences.

Bambula Project was born in London in 2015 thanks to Gabriella Catalano and Paolo Rosini. The project combines the dance with the physical theatre, the visual poetry, the photography, the video art. Oriri won the 2019 TenDance Award.


running time: 45’

non-verbal show