Elena Burani

Circus / Visionari Selection
Giovedì / Thursday 23 luglio, 21:00, Giardino Misericordia



A delicate and comic dance between the absurd and the truth

by and with Elena Burani
light design Rocio Espana Rodriguez
assistant director Andrea Bettaglio, Alice Roma
music Eufemia Mascolo
with the support of La Corte Ospitale, Dinamico Festival, Sosta Palmizi, Teatro della Tosse

A journey through the emotional states of waiting and loneliness. Scores of gestures come to life within the game of the clown, creating poetic or grotesque, funny or sublime dynamics. The languages ​​of the circus, dance, song and theatre are combined to narrate human fragility.

The performer Elena Burani founded the Collettivo320chili and the DinamicoFestival. She worked, among the others, with NoFitStateCircus, SostaPalmizi, FlicTorino, TinoSeghal.


running time: 35’

non-verbal show