Alessandro Sesti

Giovedì / Thursday 23 luglio, 18:10, Teatro alla Misericordia



Mafia is worse than a mountain of sh*t

written, directed and performed by Alessandro Sesti
and with Debora Contini (clarinet), Federico Passaro (double bass), Federico Pedini (guitar)
light design and sound Marco Andreoli
co-production Infinito, Centro di Residenza della Toscana (Armunia – CapoTrave/Kilowatt)
thanks to Alfonso Russi, Andrea Dominijanni e Luigi Portesi
show winner of Luna Crescente by Teatro Invito
show winner of Teatro voce della realtà giovanile by Endas Emilia Romagna

The story of Andrea Dominijanni, the first witness of justice of the Italian Ionic area: his battle against ‘ndrangheta permitted the capture of eight bosses. He has been living under protection of body-guards since 2015, surrounded by silence.

From 2015 Alessandro Sesti, from Umbria, has used the theatre of narration to bring to life the stories of the mafia victims and of the citizens that fight against it. He was already hosted by Kilowatt in 2019.

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instagram: Alessandro Sesti

running time: 55’