Stefania Tansini - photo1

Stefania Tansini

Mercoledì / Wednesday 22 luglio, 19:00, Giardino Misericordia


Stefania Tansini - photo 2 (foto di Luca del Pia)

The human: movement, energy, ecstasy

choreography and performance Stefania Tansini
and with Miriam Cinieri
light design Matteo Crespi
suond design Giovanni Magaglio, Claudio Tortorici
Indipendent production

The pursuit of pleasure: plunging into the enjoyment, so that bodies can be free to live the moment. A passage through the different states that change the hearth-beat, the breathe, the muscular tension, the adrenalin, toward a desire of ecstasy.

Stefania Tansini creates choreographic projects, video, performances. She worked as a dancer with Simona Bertozzi, Luca Veggetti, Romeo Castellucci, Cindy Van Acker.

running time: 35’

non-verbal show

national premiere