“RIMBAMIMENTI – dalla fisica quantistica al morbo di Alzheimer”
Andrea Cosentino e Fabrizio De Rossi Re

Mercoledì / Wednesday 22 luglio, 18:00, Auditorium Santa Chiara



Is time a tyrant? Maybe

by and with Andrea Cosentino, Fabrizio De Rossi Re
collaboration to the dramaturgy Dario Aggioli

A music performance that plays with the paradoxes of the post-Einsteinian physic and the defaillance of memory. An investigation about time, between clownerie and contemporary music, during which performers progressively forget their parts, in a process toward the dissolution.

Andrea Cosentino, who won the 2018 Ubu Award, is actor, author and comedian, famous above all for the invention of the funny broadcasting Telemomò. Fabrizio De Rossi Re is one of the most important contemporary composers and librettists.

running time: 50’

work in progress