Soffia Vento 2

“SOFFIAVENTO – una navigazione solitaria con rotta su Macbeth” (s-concerto per voce e suono)
Paolo Mazzarelli


Martedì / Tuesday 21 luglio, 18:00, Teatro alla Misericordia


Soffia Vento 1

Vanity and power, enemies of each man

by and with Paolo Mazzarelli
original music Luca Canciello
playbill picture GIPI
production Theatron Production
with the support of Centro Teatrale Umbro

Pippo Soffiavento, a fictional actor, performs his last play, inspired by Shakespeare’s Macbeth. But something goes wrong and instead of the portrait of the mythical King of Scotland, a self-portrait of the interpreter is staged.

Paolo Mazzarelli is a theatre (among the others, with P. Stein ed E. Nekrosius), cinema (Vallanzasca, La grande bellezza) and television actor (È arrivata la felicità). Together with Lino Musella, he founded the MusellaMazzarelli company.

running time: 55’