Frantics Dance Company

Lunedì / Monday 20 luglio, 19:00, Piazza Torre di Berta



Urban dance, between break dance and hip-hop

with Carlos Aller, Marco Di Nardo, Diego de la Rosa, Juan Tirado
with the support of Dance Days Chania, Embassy of Germany, Sophiensaele Berlin, Theater Strahl Berlin
sound design Juan Tirado
light design Dusana Giannis Likos, Marco di Nardo
light technician Alice Biemann
international touring Baltic, Katherina Vasiliadis

The performers’ deepest stories, in a continuous flow of events. Free from the unconscious mind, the past is brought out: thoughts collapse, freeze, stretch and accelerate, are destroyed and rebuilt. Everything emerges through an energetic and light physicality.

Franctis Dance Company was born in 2013 in Berlin. Its works are focused on the body and the physicality, through various disciplines: b-boying, acrobatics and contemporary dance. They won the 2020 Danza Urbana XL Award.


running time: 50’

non-verbal show