It is the thought that counts.
Ten years with Kilowatt Festival, one thousand years after Sansepolcro foundation

An unexpected coincidence links the first ten years of Kilowatt to the millennium of Sansepolcro, founded in 1012 by pilgrims Aegidius and Arcanus, coming back from Jerusalem.

So, as putting together the theatre with the idea of founding a city, we thought of Aristophanes play The Birds. It is the story of two citizens who run away from Athens to found, among the clouds, “some cosy town, where you can repose as if on thick coverlets”.

At the beginning the two men walk in the dark, madly chasing a raven and a crow (we chase in the dark any dreams, don’t we?). Then they meet the birds in the sky and, with them, they create a place of happiness where all rules are subverted. Founding a collective space means thinking in a new way and in a new space, nourishing hope of a better world.

All this has much to do with the search for new languages and the very idea of promoting a festival.

For the next ten years of Kilowatt and for the next thousand years of Sansepolcro we do not wish to found something, but to widen and deconstruct what is already there, so as to create a place where we can look for joy and beauty, in the community.